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Space Saving Tips

Yellow square-shaped shelves with few items organized within, including picture frames, books, and vases.

No matter how big or how small your apartment may be, maximizing space is always a good idea. The Copper Ridge Blog is here to help you stay organized and put the available space in your Liberty, MO apartment to good use by sharing a few space saving tips.

Hanging Door Organizers
Put the space on the inside of your closet door to use by hanging one of these shoe organizers to avoid clutter and hunting the floor of your closet for your favorite pair of shoes. Organize your shoes by color or style. Hanging shoe organizers don’t have to be used for just shoes either, they are great for storing jewelry and other accessories as well! Hanging door organizers help to maximize space in closets, pantries, and cabinets. They are available in all different varieties and can be used to store shoes, towels, food and spices, and so many more items.

Double the Hanging Space
Create more space in your closet with this awesome hack that gives you double the hanging space in your closet! This is great if you have a lot of clothes or if you have very limited space in your closet.

Hang Pots and Pans
Cupboard and cabinet space is often limited in apartments, requiring a little creativity on your part. Check out this post from The Kitchn on 10 Smart Places to Put a Pot Rack to get ideas on how to pull this off. You can also use command hooks on the outsides of your cabinets and on the walls in your kitchen to hang your pots and pans.

Use a Pegboard
Utilize wall space with a pegboard! A pegboard can be a great space for storing and organizing tools, crafting supplies, jewelry, and more. Get a few ideas for how to use a pegboard for storage from The Family Handyman’s 11 tips on how to organize anything with a pegboard.

Share your best space saving tips and tricks with us in the comments. Good luck organizing your apartment!