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Celebrate Ice Cream Soda Day!


Copper Ridge Blog, Liberty, MO  June 20th is Ice Cream Soda Day, which is why we are sharing a few of our favorite ice cream soda recipes with you. Gather some friends together to celebrate this fun holiday.

In this Copper Ridge Blog post, we are helping you get ready to celebrate Ice Cream Soda Day on Wednesday, June 20th. If you are a fan of root beer floats, then we think you will love ice cream sodas! They are similar to a root beer float, except you can vary what type of soda you use and the flavor of ice cream. Read on for a few of our favorite recipes.


Old Fashioned Ice Cream Soda

Kick it old school with this classic recipe from Genius Kitchen. You will need milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream, club soda or seltzer water, and whipped cream (optional). You will love the combination of creamy, fizzy, and chocolatey goodness.


Strawberry Lemonade Ice Cream Float

Nothing screams summer better than a cool glass of lemonade, except maybe this strawberry lemonade ice cream float recipe from Yellow Bliss Road. To make this sensational summer drink, you will need the following ingredients: fresh strawberries, granulated or powdered sugar, vanilla bean ice cream, light lemonade, and lemon or strawberry slices for garnish.


Watermelon Soda Float

This recipe comes from Bon Appetit and features one of the iconic fruits of summer: watermelon! Here is everything you will need to make it: vanilla frozen yogurt, grated lime zest, fresh lime juice, chilled watermelon, sugar, kosher salt, and seltzer. You’ll love how fruity and refreshing this drink is!


Gingerbread Ice Cream Float

You’ll be dreaming of the holiday season after a couple spoonfuls of this gingerbread flavored ice cream float from Love & Olive Oil. You will need molasses, ground ginger, ground cinnamon, ground allspice, cream soda, and vanilla ice cream.


Have you ever had an ice cream soda? What is your favorite flavor combination? Let us know in the comments. Thanks for reading our post. Have fun celebrating Ice Cream Soda Day this month in your Liberty, MO apartment!